Introduction to Power Plant Boiler

The so-called power station boiler, generally speaking, is the boiler used by the power plant to generate electricity. Generally, the capacity is large, the main unit is 600MW, and the better is the ultra-supercritical boiler with a capacity of up to 1000MW. There are two main types of power plant boilers: pulverized coal boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers. These two types of boilers are the main types used in power plants. The difference between a fluidized bed furnace and a pulverized coal furnace is that the state of the fuel is different, that is, liquid and coal powder.
Power plant boilers, also known as "power plant boilers", refer to medium and large boilers in power plants that provide a specified quantity and quality of steam to steam turbines. One of the main thermal equipment in thermal power plants. It is often matched with a steam turbine generator set of a certain capacity and is mainly used for power generation, but it can also be used for external heating in some special occasions. Generally, the evaporation capacity is large, and the steam parameters (steam temperature and steam pressure) are very high. A complete set of auxiliary equipment is required. Most of them need to be equipped with a chamber combustion furnace. Forced ventilation is adopted. Blast furnace gas or coke oven gas), the structure is more complex and the efficiency is high, most of which can reach about 85 to 93%, and there are quite high requirements for the level of operation management, degree of mechanization and automatic control technology.
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